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My name is Amy Robertson and I am a licensed clinical social worker in Louisville, Colorado. My private psychotherapy practice focuses on emotional well-being of older teens and adults.

If you have made your way here, you are likely seeking a meaningful change in your life. I hope to give you some initial information which may assist you.

Life transitions and challenges offer us an opportunity for greater clarity of purpose, more meaningful relationships, and an enhanced sense of confidence and gratification.

I offer a no-cost phone consultation or an in person consultation for prospective clients to discuss your goals and how we might work together. A good fit with the therapist with whom you decide to work is crucial for an effective and successful experience.

After this consultation, if I am not the person who feels like the right fit, I will gladly assist you in finding another therapist or community resource to better meet your needs.

My Location

864 W South Boulder Road
Suite 201
Louisville CO 80027